North Portage

Since 1983, North Portage Development Corporation has undertaken or facilitated the development of residential, commercial, recreational, educational and entertainment facilities at North Portage.

As opportunities arise, FNP will collaborate with partners to invest in residential, office and commercial projects at North Portage, Portage Avenue and adjacent areas.

  • Investment Opportunities - Dayton Block – across from MTS Centre, including the Mitchell Copp building. Forks North Portage is working with CentreVenture to redevelop some of the buildings in the block for a mix of uses.
  • Re-investing in Properties – Promenade Lighting Strategy – Forks North Portage owns the private street behind Portage Place. We are developing a street-scaping and lighting concept that we believe will make a positive contribution in creating a safe and attractive pedestrian environment.
  • Community Projects – Forks North Portage is working with CentreVenture to support the renewal of Central Park. Forks North Portage will assist in programming the park once it is complete.

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