Rail Side Lot Project

At present the Rail Side Lot serves one purpose... as surface parking. The vision for this location is to replace surface parking with structured parking as part of a sustainable mixed use development that will create an attractive pedestrian environment. New parking at The Forks must meet the needs of both the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the rest of The Forks site in general.

We will assess the Museum’s impact on the site after a year or two of operation before we complete planning for the proposed mixed use project at this location.

Replacing surface level parking with structured parking brings an opportunity for a more pedestrian friendly use of these lands in the form of public spaces and services such as a fitness centre, day care or book store.

The Forks site offers a unique opportunity for downtown living and we will examine the feasibility of upper floor “market affordable” housing units. This potential mixed use development presents an opportunity to achieve the full vision of The Forks as a place to live, work and play.

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